Now for the first time, you can study this ground-breaking approach through private sessions with Madelyn Kent, the Developer of Sense Writing, from anywhere in the world.

For writers of all levels and genres.

What is Sense Writing One-on-One Training?

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In a subtle yet profound way, Sense Writing has exposed me to the most deeply transformational writing principles and creative experiences that I have ever known. Working with Madelyn has proved to be an invaluable experience for both my writing career and life.
-Jenna Maio
I had the knockout story--but even as a professional journalist, I didn’t have the tools to get it on the page. I stumbled and got in my own way. The meditative sequences of Sense Writing have allowed me to wade into the water and then leap, with a satisfying splash. The recorded sequences have supported my private writing practice and bring me to discover moments of magic. Every time I sit down to write, I wonder, what will I discover today?
-Ruth Ebenstein
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