Sense Writing One-on-One Training

Put your deeper learning first and discover your intrinsic capacity for creative flow.


Sense Writing is a ground-breaking combination of movement and writing sequences that allows you to:

  • Bypass fear and tell the stories you want to tell

  • Learn to work and regulate your nervous system to access the creative flow that is already there

  • Find the support and accountability you need as you learn to build a sustainable writing practice all your own and meet your writing goals.

 There are three programs to choose from:

Process and Craft

The Practice

The Masterclass

No matter where you are in your process, contact me for a complimentary consultation.

-Madelyn Kent, Founder and Developer



From some One-on-One students:

"Sense Writing changed everything."

- Iva Rad, Filmmaker/Guggenheim recipient



"Sense Writing was about learning my own story—without anxiety... If every writer has a secret tool, then mine is this a stack of Sense Writing MP3s." -Ruth Ebenstein, Journalist. Read her article, "Full-Bodied Prose" about Sense Writing in Entropy.


"Though I was an English and Creative Writing major in a reputable writing program, like many other would-be writers, I developed a creative block that lasted for years... The physical and creative sequences in Sense Writing worked hand in hand to get me out of old physical and writing habits and develop new ones in a sustainable practice." -Jenna Maio


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