Sense Writing One-on-One Training

Learn to build and sustain the creative life you always wanted by connecting to the flow you always knew was there.


Through a ground-breaking combination of movement and writing sequences you will learn to bypass fear, uncover richer processes of artistic discovery, and unlock your voice as a writer. Sense Writing has been taught all over the world, and now these custom-designed, one-on-one training programs allow you to study personally with Sense Writing's Developer Madelyn Kent from anywhere you live!

Find the support and accountability you need as you learn to build a sustainable writing practice all your own.

 There are three programs to choose from:

Process and Craft

The Practice

The Masterclass

No matter where you are in your process, you can contact Madelyn for a free consultation.

So go ahead and ask those big questions and learn how your own body and nervous system can provide the answers.

Whether you are a beginner writer nervous to start or an experienced writer stuck in a project, these one-on-one trainings are your way in.

You can choose the training that is right for you. Once you contact Madelyn for a free consultation, you will receive a detailed description of each program. For now, here are a few specifics to get you oriented.

  • 6 one-on-one private sessions with Madelyn
  • Custom training recordings available only to participants in the training programs.
  • Private webpage which allows you track your progress and  personally dialogue with Madelyn throughout the process.
  • 10 one-on-one private sessions with Madelyn
  • All of Process & Craft
  • Life-time access to all recordings.
  • 10% off additional Sense Writing modules.
  • 18 one-on-one sessions with Madelyn
  • All of The Practice
  • 20% off additional Sense Writing Modules.

You can sign up either individually or with a friend in "a collective" and save 20%.

Questions about the approach?

You may have already looked around the website and are ready to step in. Or maybe you're still not sure if the approach is right for you. Either way, you are welcome to contact me for a complimentary 20-minute consultation via phone or Skype

-Madelyn Kent, Developer of Sense Writing, Somatic Educator, and Former Lecturer of Creative Writing at New York University. Madelynke


From some One-on-One students:

"Sense Writing changed everything."

- Iva Rad, Filmmaker/Guggenheim recipient



"Even more than the gemstone details I found lodged under rocks, I discovered that Sense Writing was not just about writing. It was about learning my own story—without anxiety... If every writer has a secret tool, then mine is this a stack of Sense Writing MP3s." -Ruth Ebenstein, Journalist


"Though I was an English and Creative Writing major in a reputable writing program, like many other would-be writers, I developed a creative block that lasted for years... The physical and creative sequences in Sense Writing worked hand in hand to get me out of old physical and writing habits and develop new ones in a sustainable practice." -Jenna Maio


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