Taught at leading conservatories and retreat centers, Sense Writing comes to the Boston area for the first time. For writers of all levels and genres.

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Sense Writing I: Memory, Life Stories and Fiction in Cambridge

For Writers of All Levels and Genres. Discover your love of writing in the first course of the series. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer struggling with a block, Sense Writing I is your way in. Calm your nervous system, find lightness in your body, and mine your imagination, all while connecting to the core of your craft. Sense Writing frees you from the thoughts you think you “should” be thinking so you learn to create without anxiety.

In a supportive environment, you will learn to:

  • Interrupt body and language patterns that inhibit writing.
  • Find pleasure in all stages of writing, including re-writing.
  • Complete three pieces of non-fiction or fiction.

Saturday & Sunday, September 23 & 24

a 2-Day Workshop, 12:00-4:30

at Storefront for Somatic Practice, 1 West Street

Cambridge Sense Writing I/ $220

*The fee for Sense Writing I is $220, which includes a Sense Writing training recording to help you continue the practice at home. A $100 deposit reserves your spot. You can pay by PayPal or by any credit card (for a credit card invoice, email Madelyn.)


Sense Writing I & II Package – NYC

Immerse yourself in the first two levels of Sense Writing and save $50.

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Sense Writing I – Istanbul

Sense Writing 1 returns to Istanbul in November.

What Others Are Saying

  • Kent’s Sense Writing workshop challenged struggle’s worth and reminded me of the original impulse that led me to make my life about writing.
    — Elephant Journal
  • Once I experienced this flow, I understood what my friend meant when she said Sense Writing changed everything for her.
    — Iva Radivojevic, Filmmaker, Guggenheim Recipient
  • The Sense Writing workshops access a profundity that other writing workshops have rarely attained at this level.
    — Raluca Albu, Current MFA Candidate, Columbia University
  • Okay, what's a less dramatic way of telling you that this class has changed my life?
    — Olga Kreimer, Yoga Teacher and Current M.A. Candidate, University of Montana Journalism School

Teacher & Developer

All workshops led by Sense Writing's Developer Madelyn Kent, former Lecturer in Creative Writing at NYU. Contact her with any questions.