Week One- Orienting in Your Story

Your Writing:

This week, you'll just start to get re-oriented in your story again, slowly. Enjoy getting re-familiar with the ground of this story, the soil, the topography.

Sequence One

1. Start with this Orienting exercise.

Post: Reflect for a moment on how you felt before and after.

1. From memory, write down three scenes from the landscape of the story about the laundromat. These scenes would be ones that feel a little vague, that maybe you skipped over a bit.

Write them down as a list.

2. Pick one of these scenes. What is the beginning setting?

And be there.

Post: What were the differences between the differentiation writing-- how it felt-- compared to the integration (the free write).

Sense III Make-up

Sense Writing 3 preparation

1. Use this sequence below to write into that Beginning Setting.

2. And then, where would the protagonist be exactly 6 hours later?

Be in that time and place 6 hours later. Time yourself:

1. Write 5 Sense Constraint for 4 minutes

2. Free write into it for 7 minutes

Combining the two free-writes, bring in about 800 words for Wednesday.