Constraints and Freedom

To bring in on Saturday:

Take the beginning you wrote in our session together and merge it with the middle you'll write in sequence two. 500 words.

To post here:

Click on "Constraints and Freedom" above and the comment section will appear at the bottom. You might need to enter your email and make up a password the first time. (This Comments program that you will sign in to is unrelated to the webpage/password I sent you).

Sequence One:

Please read Learning to Learn by Moshe Feldenkrais.

Pick out 3-4 pieces of popcorn from the article.

And then do this short Feldenkrais.

Post Below: What were the differences before and after the sequences. How did your head move differently? What other changes did you notice?

Are there any popcorns from Learning to Learn that are particularly relevant for what you experienced?

Sequence Two:  Writing into the middle. You will need your phone later so you could time yourself.

Lie down and start here.

Go to the middle of your story (the next day outside with people)

4 minutes: Use the 5 Senses Constraint and write into the middle setting of your story/

8 minutes: Free write into this scene in any way you want.