some recordings

#1 Bodymapping

Just lying down and gently yielding can be so challenging. And I think one of the reasons is that it's subversive. To stop, and let something else happen, something else gently take over and surprise. The nervous system has been around for millions of years and knows more than us.

Slowly building trust.

I like the self-empiricism of all these sequences-- the Feldenkrais and Sense Writing. It's that self-responsibility that we talked about (not a Puritan kind, just a curious kind). At the end, you notice again what you sensed in the beginning (for example, the quality of the breath) and how it might have shifted towards the end. Without will. Without direct focus on the breath; something else inside took over.

# 2 Sweet video I just discovered with lots of information

This is Feldenkrais speaking and showing his work with children and cerebral palsy. He's from a small town in the Ukraine and reminds me of my grandmother. You can see how the small starts to take over.

#3 A writing sequence.

enjoy and sending you lots of love.

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