Thunderjelly by L.E. Mayers

There is a King who rules over the enchanted land of Thunderjelly up high in the mountains tucked in the most serene and diversified landscape rising out of a vast green forest. The birds sing and the spiders roam the creeks flow the ponds are still and clear and deep. The burdock grows wild where the sea buckthorn rises along the creek and the cream white pine mushrooms dot the cool black soil. The King lives at the top of the hill in a Crystal palace made of glass so that when he stirs his famous rabbit soup he can oversee the entire Land of Thunderjelly inhabited by plants and animals, drifters and tree planters. He prayed to his lucky star every night to send him somebody to love. Being the most powerful man in all the Land he still has no regard for the eternal balancing act of the universe, the inevitability of what one must heal in order to receive. One day a traveller arrives and the King is so enamoured by her massive personality that he gives her a job sorting apples. However, The King likes the innocent maiden playing in the fields burying the compost and gathering wildflowers so much that The King swoops down from the hill scoops her up and makes her his Queen and they merge perfectly and then they go about their days living and loving in harmony with nature.

And then it happened one day. She embodied everything that men feared in the feminine. And on this night he saw it with his own eyes. Huge coils like rings of an enormous neck chain. There were chains around her hands and she was in the depth of torment when suddenly he saw the beast of eight heads with the roar of a white lion emerge out of her body and it said "I want budgets and boundaries in a partnership" The king in his fear of the dark forces inside his perfect love grew so angry that he banished her from the Land of Thunderjelly. And he just lets her go even though he said he would nurture her like a flower bud and protect her forever. He sent her away into a cold meaningless world. She begged him not to but he threw her out into the greyest thickest fog so she could never find her way back to the land of Thunderjelly. He left her in silence at the greyest greyhound on planet earth. Cursing her so that the evil one shall take her. And it did all the way to the other side of the planet to the Old City to be chained to a rock in the Mediterranean.

So after throwing love out like trash the King is cold and lonely because she is gone. The earth feels the absence of the King's female counterpart and the seasons turn with the leaves falling off the trees and the golden needles from the towering Larches disappear as the snow falls and all the young people leave the enchanted forest looking for electric heat and cheap thrills. And all The King has left to do is to watch over the enchanted forest his earthly duty to make sure he's cutting down the trees by the phases of the moon and setting fires ever so safely as to not disturb all the tiny creatures and invisible worlds that keep the Land of Thunderjelly in an organic rhythm with the Stars. But the snow and the fire and the most beautiful crystal palace in all the land can't soothe the Kings broken heart. The distance makes the heart palpitate.

He starts to discover within himself a fire in his belly a passion that consumes him so that not even the most established search and rescuer could save him from. The burn pile of his heart. He tried to ignore it displace it hide it under his bed and now he has a lesson to learn. Every fairytale is ripe with them. And so the King hears a little song from a little bird on a wire. A magical hint from a mockingbird on his windowsill. Something that sounds like "it is you who must learn to tame the wild beast of Love like a thorny rose must be tamed before you grab her and keep her" The King must ponder this.

It hurts him so to see his love in pain that, to keep him from seeing her, he dream builds a very tall ice palace to keep her wandering spirit away from seeing him, from seeing that there is more to him than he lets his words convey.  He formed the ice palace entirely from his dream sweat and dream tears. Knowing that he had forsaken love he builds it to hold her. To contain a piece of her for she was too free for the wind to blow her away and out of his arms.

And now in his mature years he has so little heart power he can no longer sustain his immortality so without love he will soon begin to age super rapidly if the wise old King doesn't heroically cross The Wishing Bridge. If he doesn't go search and rescue his love this wandering Jew circling the labrinth of the Old City chained to a rock to a story to a star. Then he will have pissed all over love. Only the King can break the curse and slaughter the beast of burden, this monster, the untamed parts inside of her and release her from the chains of a complex inner mythology. So The King packs his rucksack with almost nothing but his magic beeker. He embarks on the mad adventure himself and does not send one of his cohorts or some Angels to bring her back from this foreign land. He takes her in his arms himself and gets on a horse and the horse gets on an airplane and they set sail.