• Sense Writing II is where I began to have little eureka moments. I came out of this course with an indispensable set of tools added to my writing arsenal. I’ve gone from writing nothing to writing several times a week, and when I do hit the occasional writing block I’m able to climb over it rather than give up and walk away.
    — Ariela Peleg
  • Once I experienced this flow, I understood what my friend meant when she said Sense Writing changed everything for her.
    — Iva Radivojevic, Filmmaker, Guggenheim Recipient
  • The Sense Writing workshops access a profundity that other writing workshops have rarely attained at this level.
    — Raluca Albu, Current MFA Candidate, Columbia University
  • Okay, what's a less dramatic way of telling you that this class has changed my life?
    — Olga Kreimer, Yoga Teacher and Current M.A. Candidate, University of Montana Journalism School

Continue the Practice with Sense Writing II: Making Connections 

Open to those who have taken Sense Writing I

Course Description: In this workshop, you will learn how to sustain larger pieces-- without struggle. By working deeply with the first two principles of Sense Writing:

  • Learn to listen to your own writing by uncovering connections within your work.
  • Identify the inherent structures that are forming within your writing.
  • Clarify your creative goals and work towards them effectively and with ease in and out of the classroom.

By the end of the workshop, writers will have completed three stories of non-fiction, fiction, or both. This class prepares students for Sense Writing III: The Workshop, a repeating course where writers will be working toward completing a larger piece in their chosen genre.

In Midtown

Saturday & Sunday, October 15 & October 16

11:30-5:00 at 125 East 47th Street

Sense Writing II/ $280

*The fee for Sense Writing II is $280. A $100 deposit reserves your spot. You can pay by PayPal or by any credit card by clicking below and requesting an invoice.


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