Sense Writing I

Where Writing Emerges from the Inside Out


Aspiring writers, break through the fear and anxiety holding back your creativity.

Experienced writers, discover how to hone your creative process freed from the pressure to deliver results.

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Sense Writing is a groundbreaking neurosensory approach to writing that anyone can use to unleash their creativity.

Through your body and nervous system, you will learn to…

Deactivate unnecessary stress responses and bypass anxiety to unlock your voice as a writer.

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Enrich the internal landscape of your creativity, whether memory or imagination.

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Maintain a state of flow to the end of a piece, without depending solely on ideas of good writing.

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What the Community is Saying

  • “I don’t feel the blocks I used to feel. There is so much memory and emotion stored in the body and breath. Sense Writing was a way to get really grounded in that, which helps me find a way into a character, myself, or into a scene.”
    — Donnaldson Brown
  • Once I experienced this flow, I understood what my friend meant when she said Sense Writing changed everything for her.
    — Iva Radivojevic, Filmmaker, Guggenheim Recipient
  • The Sense Writing workshops access a profundity that other writing workshops have rarely attained at this level.
    — Raluca Albu, Writer and Editor, Guernica Magazine
  • Okay, what's a less dramatic way of telling you that this class has changed my life?
    — Olga Kreimer, Journalist, Los Angeles Review of Books

 Teacher & Developer


All workshops led by Sense Writing's Developer Madelyn Kent, Somatic Specialist, Feldenkrais Practitioner, and former Faculty in Creative Writing at New York University.

2-Day Workshops in Oxford and London

Sense Writing I: Life Stories, Memory, and Fiction 

For writers of all levels and genres.

In a supportive environment that integrates accessible physical and writing exercises, you will learn to calm your nervous system, all while connecting to the core of your writing craft. 

  • Work with the nervous system to interrupt body and language patterns that inhibit writing.

  • Find ease and pleasure in all the stages of writing.

  • Complete two pieces of memoir and/or fiction.

Sense Writing frees you from the thoughts you think you “should” be thinking so you learn to create without anxiety. All workshop fees include a Sense Writing Training© recording designed to help you continue the practice at home.


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4 & 5 May, Saturday and Sunday, 1:30-6:00

Prana Yoga Studio, 37-38 Little Clarendon St, Oxford

Cost: £200. A £100 deposit reserves your spot.

Please reserve your spot below. You can also pay by any credit card by contacting Madelyn for an invoice: or call Prana Yoga: 07518 6730

Sense Writing Oxford


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11 & 12 May, Saturday and Sunday, 12:30-5:00

AM Yoga Studio, 19-23 Ironmonger Row, London

Cost: £200. A £100 deposit reserves your spot.

Please reserve your spot below. You can also pay by any credit card by contacting Madelyn for an invoice: or call AM Yoga: 020 72531611

Sense Writing London

*Workshops usually fill up. Please reserve your spot early. Deposits are non-refundable but never expire. If you need to cancel before the start of the workshop, you could use the deposit for the next workshop.

Upcoming Workshops

Brooklyn, NY June 8 & 9

Brooklyn, NY June 8 & 9

Cambridge, MA TBA

Cambridge, MA TBA