How Does it Work?


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When you learn Sense Writing with me one-on-one, you get the best of both worlds.  You get personal attention where we work together on your writing and creative process, and a special stack of Sense Writing recordings that you can use at your own pace and revisit as often as you like.

These Sense Writing recordings are tailored to your individual needs.

How will I learn?

In addition to one-on-one meetings with me, you will have your own private, password-protected web page (that looks something like the page you are reading) where you will post your work and communicate with me throughout the week. After each personal session, you will receive custom training recordings on your web page which spiral through and reinforce the skills learned in our previous session together.

How much time will it require each week? 

That depends on what your goals are, which could change as we work together to clarify them. In addition to the one-on-one weekly sessions, you will have a writing assignment for that week which is supported by the recorded training sequences. These recordings usually run 15-25 minutes, while the more in-depth sequences run 30-40 minutes. You can listen to and do these recordings as many times as you'd like.

The Two Training Options

Sense Writing: Process and Craft, Module One (6 sessions)

Whether you are new to writing or an experienced writer stuck in a long-term project, Sense Writing: Process and Craft will shift the way you create.  

Delve deeply into Sense Writing's first Principle, “Constraints and Freedom,” and learn pragmatic tools that will unlock your voice and help you form new habits.  Students learn to focus on process instead of product—to be guided by curiosity and a newly sharpened intuition rather than compulsion or feelings of "performance."

You will have the time to both discover the beautiful simplicity of your own creative process and understand the complexity of it.  It’s both the simplicity and complexity of your creativity that will keep you engaged and invested in your writing over time.

  • five 75-minute sessions with Madelyn over 6 weeks
  • one 75-minute follow-up (scheduled within one month of the last session)
  • custom training recordings following every session plus reflections (for a total of 8)
  • one email/week (in addition to the reflections)
  • private web page which allows you organize your work efficiently and track your progress
  • access to all recordings for the duration of your sessions plus one-month
  • one Sense Writing training mp3 at the end of the sessions for you to keep

Sense Writing: The Practice, Module One and Two (10 sessions)

In addition to what’s covered in Principle I above, The Practice will teach you how to gently work with your nervous system to transform your writing process from the inside out.

We'll learn the first three principles of Sense Writing ("Constraints and Freedom," "Containment and Orientation," and "Differentiation/Integration"), Principle III teaches you how to enhance your senses so that you experience a far richer (and more pleasurable) writing practice. This includes the tools to revise and revisit your work.


  • eight 75-minute sessions with Madelyn over 10 weeks
  • two 75-minute follow-up (within three months of the last session)
  • custom training recording(s) following every session plus reflection
  • two emails/week (in addition to the reflection)
  • private web page which allows you organize your work efficiently and track your progress
  • one Sense Writing training mp3 at the end of the sessions for you to keep

The Practice makes sure you are a Sense Writer for life, which means you have access to your private webpage and can listen to the training recordings and view the videos there for as long as Sense Writing exists.


Curious about the training?

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